Entry #51


2017-12-14 10:47:48 by ActiveAllen

Hello everyone!


As of yesterday, I am now officially done with college. I completed all the necessary classes. No more worries about financial aid. No more tuition or programs or books to buy. It's over, and I am so happy. Granted, I'll still have my day job to worry about, but that helps pay the bills so "eh". Still, that now that means I can get back to doing what I do best. That also means commissions are going to be coming back on.


Commission Info.

-Obviously, adhere to Newgrounds' set standards.
-Understand that I do COMMISSIONS, not REQUESTS.
-When asking for a NSFW commission, there are certain things that I personally will not draw. Namely really extreme shit (scat, guro, extreme rape, heavy bondage/BDSM, etc.). Give me details and then we'll see if we can work with it. Otherwise, respect the fact that I personally do not want to make certain things.
-You will pay me once you are satisfied with the sketch layout of your commission. I will not continue further with the commission until I have been paid. Keep in touch with me as I go along to make sure it is what you want.
-If I start on a commission, and I am near to completion with it, DO NOT ask me to scrap it and make something entirely different, expecting it to be done for free. If you want a different one, you are paying for that too.


Single Character Sketch-$25.00
Character Sketch with Background-$35.00
Inked Full-Body Character-$40.00
Inked Character with Background-$50.00
Flat Colored Character-$60.00
Shaded Character-$65
Flat Colored Character with Background-$70.00
Shaded Colored Character with Background-$80.00
*additional characters in a drawing are $5.00.
All payments will be made to my Paypal.


I am ready to get back into the swing of things.


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